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Tactica in Hamburg, 23-24 Feb 2008


The Tactica Wargames convention is held annually in Hamburg in February.  This year, it was over the weekend 23-24 Feb 2008.  The convention was very well attended and more than 20 participation games were put up by members and clubs from all over Germany.  There were also several German traders present offering a wide range of wargaming supplies in all major scales.  The event took place in this community centre in a Hamburg suburb called Boberg.

Here are some pics of some of the many games offered.  Sorry I did not take more pics, but I am often overwhelmed at a con looking, playing, shopping and talking, that I never make it round to all the tables.  There was also a painting competition with some excellent work, but sorry, I did not take pictures of the entries.

This year's masterpiece was this beautiful Mordheim table by an unknown craftsman!  It is a really fantastic table!  Look at the amount of detail.  All buildings can be played in - the interiors even look like the real thing!  And check out the underground levels that can be accessed by lifting off sections of the terrain!  And apparently it only took 10 weeks to build.  Unbelievable!!

Another fantastic table was Frank Bauer's Crusader table.  Check out the detail on the Sultan's palace made entirely out of Hirst Arts blocks!

Remember the lovely scratch-built pirate table from last year?  Well, this year the same person built an old west table.  Check out the fantastic detail on and inside his buildings!  Lots of great ideas here!

Here's Björn's (Driscoles) Foreign Legion game using his Triumph and Tragedy Rules:

Grimms' Lost World .45 Adventure megatable is next.  The plants and terrain look so real!  Different players have different objectives.  For example, the film crew has to film 6 sequences of dinosaurs, the big game hunters and cavemen have to hunt dinos, and so on.  If you're luck (or unlucky) you could even meet King Kong!

Here's another table that caught my eye!  Carthage in 1:2400!!  An ancient naval battle using De Bellis Classicis rules:

Here are Viktonik's beautiful 40mm Musketeers!  Is the bread real?

Here's a very picturesque 15mm Pavia table

Last but not least, some other nice tables:

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