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Tactica in Hamburg, 24-25 Feb 2007


The Tactica Wargames convention is held annually in Hamburg in February.  This year, it was over the weekend 24-25 Feb 2007.  The convention was very well attended and more than 20 participation games were put up by members and clubs from all over Germany.  There were also 4 German traders present offering a wide range of wargames supplies in all major scales - Battlefield Berlin, Pardulon, Army in Detail and Spieleland Hamburg.  Gerard Boom from the Netherlands was also there with his unique range of resin ships and terrain.

The event took place in this community centre in a Hamburg suburb called Lohbrügge.

Here are some pics of only a small portion of the many games offered.  Sorry I did not take more pics, but I am often overwhelmed at a con looking, playing, shopping and talking, that I never make it round all the tables.  There was also a painting competition with some excellent work, but sorry, I did not take pictures of the entries.

Here's a Boxer Rebellion game put up by the Team for Historical Simulations

Here's master-scratchbuilder Christian (with blue scarf) with his Forschungsstelle Wolfenfels game:

Sorry, I don't remember who put up this lovely Pirates game.  Just look at the lavish scenery and the amount of detail!

Here are some German soldiers about to prepare Penguin Vodka in their Antarctic submarine base:

Here's Björn (Driscoles - at right) umpiring his well-designed Yangtse Kiang game.  The terrain and figures are mostly from Grimm.  Christian scratch-built the US gunboat.

And here's a game put up by Frank Bauer which depicts a Pirate raid on the Northern German coast in the 14th Century.

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