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Doc Thompson and the Lost Temple


This game is a continuation of the "Doc Thompson and the Curse of the Chinese Treasure Chest".  After escaping with the treasure, the Chinese bandit chief Mo Chee Chung escaped and hid the treasure in the lost Temple of Fu, deep in the Burmese jungle...

Prof Witchheimer (l) and Knoxville (r) pay close attention to the Director's instructions for this take.

A close-up of the Lost Temple set.

OK, places, lights, camera, Action!

With the shameful memory of narrowly losing Fu Manchu's treasure chest to bandit chief Mo still fresh in his memory, Doc Thompson, with the help of Mo Tuck Teng (the evil Mo Chee Chung's good twin) tracks down Mo Chee Chung in his jungle hideout.  As the Doc, his assistant Maria Sandusky, and their faithful guides approach Mo's hideout, they find the bandit camp deserted.  Apparently Mo and his gang have departed on one of their regular raids against the local villagers. 

The Doc, with a PhD in Archaeology, is so fascinated by the discovery of the Lost Temple, that he almost forgets that he has to locate Fu Manchu's treasure before Mo Chee Chung returns.

While the Doc is engrossed with the temple, Maria goes in search of the treasure.  A flash of movement in the brush catches her eye.  As she approaches the tall grass, she is suddenly attacked by a fierce Burmese baboon. "Oh my goodness!  What big teeth you have!".  "Bang! Pow!" After a short, sharp struggle, the baboon is dispatched by Maria's faithful guide.

Hearing gunfire coming from the direction of his camp, Mo Chee Chung and his gang return to investigate.  Hak Man-tsu, Mo's hatchet man, runs directly into a mad devotee of the little known Fu sect!  "Die heretic!!  You dare desecrate the sacred soil of the Temple of Fu!"  Hak Man-tsu looks at the madman with disdain - "Ha! My sword is bigger than your little chopper, madman!" - and swiftly sends the madman to meet his maker. 

The sounds of gunfire bring the Doc out of his reverie.  Running to aid Maria, he trips over a small treasure chest - "My word!  That's the lost treasure!"  Maria shouts to the Doc, "Run! while I deal with this ogre!"  With her gift of languages, and her quick wit, Maria talks Hak Man-tsu out of pursuing the Doc.

With the treasure safely in his hands, and protected by his faithful guide Mo Tuck Teng (Mo's good twin), Doc Thompson and Maria make a run for the nearest airfield!

Fade to next scene ... An Airfield near Mandalay

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