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An Airfield near Mandalay - a Doc Thompson Adventure


This game is a continuation of "Doc Thompson and the Lost Temple.  After escaping with the lost treasure of Fu Manchu, Doc Thompson and his assistant Maria Sandusky race through the Burmese jungle towards the nearest airfield.  After driving all night, they approach a small airfield somewhere near Mandalay.  "Finally we are saved!" says Sandusky. 
"Don't be too sure!  Those bandits are quite resourceful!  Look!  There's an American plane circling overhead!  Maybe he can fly us outta here!"

Unfortunately the plane is a single-seater US Navy aircraft on a training visit.  "Sorry, Doc!  No can do!  I ain't got space for  no passengers!  Mebbe y'all try your luck with those Krauts over yonder!"

"Where are the Germans?" asks Sandusky.  "Here they come now, in that thar oversized flyin' ceegar!"  The Doc thanks the pilot for his help and drives over to the Zeppelin crew.  "Ya, ya!  Ve vill take you to India!  Ve are on research trip to Katmandu and must stop in India fuer supplies!  You know our Doctor Sven Hedin, yes?  But first, you vill help us find our verdammt pilot and his dog, yes?  Zey are alvays gettink lost somevere!" 

Just then, Sandusky hears truck engines in the distance, "It's the bandits!  They've caught up with us!  QUICK!  We need to hurry!"

The Doc suggests that they split up and search the airfield for the pilot and his dog.  Sandusky jumps into the Geological Society Van and rushes over to the hangar where the pilot was last seen ("vith a bottle of schnapps, yes?").  With a screeching of tires and a sharp squeal of brakes, Sandusky loses control of the van and crashes into the side of the hangar!

Thinking he hears a dog barking, Doc rushes to the centre of the airfield, hotly pursued by the bandits!  "Now we have you Doctor Thompson!" sneers the bandit chief Mo Chee Chung.

With a mighty crash, the two trucks collide!  Doc and the treasure are flung out.  Shaking his head, Doc tells his faithful guide Mo Tuck Teng (bandit Mo's good twin) "We have to get the treasure before the bandits recover!  Cover me, while I make a run for it!"  "Yes boss!  No plobrem!  Me shoot bandit velly good!"

Meanwhile, Sandusky picks herself up from the wrecked van and rushes into the hangar looking for the German pilot.  An accomplished linguist, Maria tries out her best German - "Yoo hoo!  Herr Pilot!  Vo bist Du denn?"

"Ja ja!  Ich bin hier!  I haff big headache!" 

"Oh Mister Pilot!  Will you help us get out of here?  There are all these mean bandits trying to kill us!"

"Ja, I help you!  But first ve find my dog, OK?  I never fly vithout him!"

"Yes, Mister Pilot.  Doc Thompson is looking for your dog right now! Oh, we must help him!"

"Schnell!  Open the hangar door while I get into this plane.  Ve can use the machine guns to chase the bandits avay!"

"Ach!  Ze bandits, zey haff Benny, my dog!"

Accurate MG fire cuts down the bandits one by one!

But the bandits quickly run into cover and out of the MG's arc of fire.  "Let's get into the other plane over by the runway!  We'll have a better field of fire from there!"

Little do they know that Hak Man-tsu and his bandits have spotted them and are hot on their tails!

"Herro, big boy!  Why such hully!  Stay here and keep me company!"

Meanwhile, Doc grabs the treasure and runs towards the Zeppelin crew.  Wounded in the arms and legs, Doc calls out - "Help me!  I'm hit and the bandits are after me!"

"Vat haff you here?  Treasure?  You did not say anythink about any treasure?"

Accurate MG fire cuts down the last bandits holding Benny the dog hostage.  Benny runs happily to his master.  "Let the Doc go!" shouts the pilot to his crewmates!  "They save my dog, ve help zem!"

Hak Man-Tsu realises he has made a mistake staying so long with the beautiful girl and rushes over to the aircraft.  Maria takes a few shots at him with her pistol, but she misses!  Hak Man-Tsu tells the pilot - "You stay, or chop-chop!"

"Oh you evil man!"  With all her strength, Maria pulls the pilot away from Hak Man-Tsu's evil clutches!  "Oh Mister Pilot!"

Running as fast as they can towards Doc and the Zeppelin, the bandits finally give up the chase.

Taking off, Doc and Maria leave Mandalay and Burma far behind.  "That's the last time I visit Burma!"

Fade to next scene ...

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